At Maison Bleue, we’ve been successfully helping travellers plan their perfect travel itinerary to Morocco for over 20 years and with the launch of our new website this year, our team have decided to let you in on a few crucial tips to help you plan the perfect Moroccan travel itinerary for your whole party.

We’ve learnt that for the most part, less is more. Forcing too many activities into your travel plans can at times reduce the enjoyment and experiences for some members of the party. Wanting to make the most of your time in any travel destination is natural, and of course, all depends on your budget and the amount of time you have in Morocco.

Take a look at these key considerations;

  • Travelling within Morocco often involves long drives. This may not always be suitable (or fun) for very young or elderly travellers.
  • Decide what you want to get out of your trip. Is it absorbing the run relaxing by a pool or immersive cultural experiences? Generally, a bit of both makes for a well-balanced Moroccan vacation.
  • The more travelling inside of Morocco you do, the more cost this will add to your trip. Set a budget and stick to it! There’s lots you can do by staying in one place, this also gives you an incentive to return to different parts of Morocco in the future.
  • Check the European and Domestic holidays and events – E.G. School terms and Ramadan may affect the ability for you to travel easily and do certain activities in Morocco.
  • Identify any must do’s / must see’s before you travel and allocate a day for them on your itinerary. Maybe one of the main reasons for your trip is to see the desert, surf, play golf or shopping experiences in the vibrant city souks and medinas.


City sightseeing in Morocco doesn’t have to just be monuments, building and architecture. In our experience, some of the best sightseeing experiences are to be had by simply setting off on foot with nothing other than a guidebook and/or google maps, rather than idly following a local tour guide. By getting lost, you will become immersed in the goings-on around you, the culture and the heartbeat of that place – this is where the authentic tourist experiences are to be had. Don’t worry, with maps and technology you’ll always be able to regain your bearings!

Hungry? Follow your senses. Eat where the food smells and looks good, walk where the sound of hustle and bustle along the medina side streets intrigue you, relax and be free as you take in your surroundings.

We understand that totally independent tourism in a new country is not for everyone. Maison Bleue can therefore arrange locally organised experiences and tours that can be booked through the hotel ranging from cookery classes (learning to prepare, cook and taste the finest Moroccan cuisine), Food(ie) market tours, pottery making and much more available to book at the point of reservation. These experiences done early in your Moroccan travel itinerary can really help you find your bearings in your city and get a knowledge and cultural head start and understanding.

These niche experiences can often be more insightful into the country’s history and traditions than the dialogue between you and a tour guide who will inevitably be more interested in getting you to spend some money in carpet shops than giving you detailed historical information. You may get to understand accounts of historical events through reading a decent purpose written guide book but of course, some travellers will only have limited time and will want to tick off their must-see’s. Nonetheless, submerging yourself into the culture and place is recommended over planned city tours – it’s the authentic way to explore.


Morocco is approximately two times the size of the United Kingdom. We’re frequently asked by clients to help plan a 3-4-night trip that includes a night or two in Fes, a Sahara Desert overnight camp and a night in Marrakech. Whilst this is possible, you may find most of your trip travelling either by car or air. Private helicopter charters can be booked around the country, this however is a cost the few and not the many can afford.

Driving times within Morocco is something to seriously consider, although the immense scenery of Morocco visible by road is far better than anything you’d see by air. A driving tour of the country is very possible but we’d recommend having multiple drivers within the party and planning your routes before setting out so you know approximate times and distances.

A tour of morocco

So, you’re planning to be (perhaps already) in Morocco for a week, maybe 10-14 nights and are looking for ways to spend the time. Take a read through our road trip recommendations below but consider how busy you want the trip to feel, first and foremost.

Secondly, consider the requirements of your party. Some will put more value seeing as much of the country as possible whereas others may appreciate the times where they stop and enjoy taking in a new and different location.

Just visualise the towering Atlas Mountains in the background of an old Berber village where you can pause to take in the breath-taking scenery and fresh air. Transport yourself to a perfect sunbathing spot on the Atlantic Cost, reading a great book or perhaps fishing. Gaze over the mesmerising lagoon of Qualidia or dive into the hustle of a cultural city break in Fes, Marrakech or Rabat where you can sample traditional Moroccan cuisine, local cultures, long evening walks or possibly some nightlife. Then, retire to a luxurious hotel where you get transported into an oasis of calm and tranquillity away from the busy streets.

Whatever you plan for your tour of Morocco, you simply won’t be disappointed – simply plan around the requirements of your party and of course, your budget.

A handful of suggestions for your moroccan road trip

  • Spend 3 nights at a hotel or villa is a great length of time to sightsee, experience the culture and take a day to relax enough for a well-balanced break. Unless of course you’re simply passing through or are staying at a desert camp.
  • The roads are generally good in Morocco – save yourself some money and drive yourself over having a driver.
  • Morocco’s climate is very hot 9 out of 12 months of the year. Where possible, avoid long drives with children. If this is unavoidable, break up any long journeys with some fun activities or a day at the pool.
  • At night-time, street lighting (including in the cities) can be low. Do as much travelling within daylight hours to improve visibility and general safety on the roads.
  • If you’re on a short stay-over in any location, perhaps 1 -2 nights, don’t fill all your time with sightseeing and exploring – allocate time for relaxation and taking in the environment, buzz and culture.
  • Most of Morocco’s main airports have good flight connections to Europe. Consider flying back home from a different airport to the one you flew into – this can 1) help you plan a travel itinerary across the country (internal flights are also very cheap!) and 2) reduce the likelihood of seeing the same thing twice.
  • If you’re planning some time to relax in your itinerary – put it at the end of your trip. You can then go home having had a few days to relax, not needing another holiday to recover from your action-packed road trip!