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La Maison bleue is a palace built in 1356 of the Hegira (1915). It is the ancestral home of the late Si Mohammed El Abbadi, prominent astrologer, famous judge and professor at Qaraouiyine's University.
Abbadies from our time are from Andalousia and in the intellectual arm of Morocco, are still there.
A rare librairy belonging to the late Si Mohammed, scientist and famous judge, will only remember the greatness and know that flourished in this house. A haven of peace, this house is located in the heart of the Medina of Fez, a jewel of the Arab world.

La Maison Bleue - 2, Place Batha Fes-Medina - Maroc - Tel : +212(0)535 741 843 & +212(0)535 636 052 Fax : +212(0)535 741 873
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