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Moroccan traditional cuisine
  • At La Maison Bleue, the recipes we prepare have been passed down through the El Abbadi family for centuries. Lala Khadija El Abbadi spent years teaching our chef – Lala Sfia – the secrets.
    Cooking for our guests since La Maison Bleue opened, Lala Sfia prepares subtly spiced, traditional Moroccan dishes which, when combined with the setting, provides a heady, transporting experience.
    The restaurant is...

  • situated in the palatial ancestral family home of Sidi Mohammed El Abbadi, a respected judge, astronomer, and professorat the Al-Karaouine university, and was built in 1915.
    His grandchildren have opened the palace’s doors to the public to provide an escape to the opulence and grandeur of another time.
    At La Maison Bleue you are, first and foremost, the guests of a prominent Fassi family.

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