La Maison Bleue

La Maison Bleue is a traditional Moroccan residence built in 1915 by Sidi Mohammed El Abbadi, a famous judge and astrologer of the times.Today, his grandchildren keep the spirit of the house alive by opening it to guests.

By staying here you will be, first and foremost, the guests of a prominent Fassi family in their own home.Its location near Bab Boujloud is ideal, providing easy walking access to all the monuments of Fez El Jedid and Fez El Bali.A haven of peace in the heart Fez Medina, La Maison Bleue is a place of serenity and regeneration.

The architecture of the house is typically Fassi. The walls are covered with intricate zellij mosaic tiling, the blue symbolizing the ancient city, while the green represents the colour of Islam.

The grandeur of Andalusia – where the family originated from – is evident throughout. The detail of the elaborately carved wooden doors, antique stained-glass windows, carved plaster and painted wood ceilings provides a feast for the senses.From the rooftop terrace an impressive panorama of the Medina gives you the first taste of the medieval city waiting to be explored.

Down below, the central courtyard is surrounded by majestic salons, where the sumptuous fabrics and hand-picked antiquities lend the rooms a royal ambiance unparalleled in the old city. This is the setting for the restaurant, where our renowned chefs will prepare you some of the finest Moroccan cuisine in the country.

The grandeur of Fes
A renowned restaurant
Luxurious suites
A unique library
A grand patio
A terrace with Medina views