Drawing on La Maison Bleue’s well-established reputation of producing the finest traditional Moroccan cuisine in Fes in their sumptuous restaurant, their sister hotel Riad Maison Bleue is launching the first top-quality culinary school in Fes.
At La Maison Bleue, the recipes we prepare have been passed down through the El Abbadi family for centuries. Lala Khadija El Abbadi spent years teaching our chef – Lala Sfia – the secrets.
Speaking English, French and Arabic, our Chef’s enthusiasm for Moroccan cuisine is evident in any language. His lively personality and extensive knowledge of the traditions behind Moroccan food will make the learning experience both fun and informative.
The project will be something new and special in Fes. Capable of catering for groups of up to 10 people, students will each have a workstation between two with gas cook-top and sink. The kitchen itself will be designed with marble and colourful zellij tiling, evoking the grandeur of the Riad and providing a traditional Moroccan setting.
Culinary students will spend the morning shopping in the souks of the Medina with our Chef, choosing the freshest local ingredients for the dishes they will be preparing in the afternoon. The length and difficulty of the courses can be tailored to each clients needs.
We also offer “Epicurean Experiences” – a package that combines the classes with tasting tours of the Medina, a visit to a winery in Meknes, couscous hand-rolling workshops in a village in the countryside and seasonal excursions such as orange-blossom water making and olive oil pressing.

and Flavors
« I love Moroccan cuisine and I want
to share it with everybody,
I am really proud of our gastronomy and
it's place in our history and culture. »
The Chef at «Riad Maison Bleue»